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It is very easy to set up CSMM for a Pingperfect.com 7 Days to Die server. The steps are as follows:

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Click Mod Manager → Click "Install" next to 'Allocs Web Fixes' for the VERSION of 7 Days to Die your server uses.
  3. Once that installation has completed, navigate back to your Gamepanel home page and click "Telnet / Map / Alloc's web API / Web Console details"
  4. Note down your Alloc's web API / CSMM Port - you will need it shortly.
  5. Select "Configuration Files" → Click "Configuration Editor" next to 'Pingperfect.xml'
  6. Find where it states "Enable Telnet" and make sure the dropdown selector to the right is toggled to "Enable Telnet" - then save the file in the top left.
  7. Follow the correct link of the links that follow in order to Add your server to CSMM depending on your region - https://eu.csmm.app/ + https://au.csmm.app/ + https://us.csmm.app/
  8. Navigate back to the Gamepanel home page and click "Web Console"
  9. Enter the following command to set up a web token: webtokens add <name> <token> 0
    Replacing <name> with your desired token name.
    Replacing <token> with your desired token.

    Don’t forget the 0 at the end! It’s important CSMM has privilege 0 to ensure all functions can properly work.
    These credentials are sensitive! You should treat these as a password. (Keep it secret, no obvious names/tokens). It's advised to use a combination of numbers, letters, lowercase and uppercase aswell as symbols
  10. Now it's time to actually add the server to CSMM - the information translates as follows:
    Name = Server Name
    Server IP = Server IP, NO PORT
    Web API port = Your CSMM port you noted down after we found it in the steps above.
    Authorization name = Token name
    Authorization token = Token
  11. You've successfully set up CSMM - you can now enjoy all of CSMM's features and functionality on your Pingperfect 7 Days to Die server.


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