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A lot of players tend to ask "Can we get a default copy of Types.XML? Can you place it on the website for us to download?"

And while this sounds like a reasonable thing to do, Types.XML actually gets replaced every time you run the Steam Update button, as the Steam Updater replaces it with a new version automatically. This is because it is a regularly updated file by the DayZ devs, and also means that any version we host on the website wouldn't always be up to date.

So, to get around that, we have this simple 7-step guide on how to obtain a default - but current - copy of Types.XML;


  1. Open the File Manager in the game panel
  2. Find the mpmissions folder
  3. Rename the folder to something else - it doesn't matter what.
  4. Run the Steam Update from the game panel using the Steam Update button
  5. This will generate a new mpmissions folder - and in there, you can find the Types.XML file for whichever map you're using.
  6. Once you've got a copy of it, delete the mpmissions folder that was just created by the Steam Update
  7. Rename your original mpmissions folder from whatever you called it back to mpmissions


This should ensure that your game remains untouched, while providing you with any default files you may need.


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