Life is Feudal | LIF | How to connect your server to Feudal Tools

It's very simple to connect your server to Feudal Tools - just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Feudal Tools with your account (Either a Feudal Tools account, or sign up with your Steam account and associate it with Feudal Tools)
  2. Click the SQL Details button on your Game panel.
  3. You will see the following (this is an example, yours will obviously be different to reflect your actual server)


Your SQL Hostname/IP is

Your SQL port is 3306

Your SQL database name is lif_10

Your SQL username is lif_10

Your SQL password is A7J2d72bhS


Finally, you just input those details into Feudal Tools by clicking the "Add Server" button on the home page.


If you're unsure what goes where, refer to this example:

Game server Address:

Database Address:

Database Name:  lif_10

Database User:  lif_10

Database Password:  A7J2d72bhS


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