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In this guide we will be covering the process of uploading custom playlists/missions from your PC to the server.

1 - Uploading the Files

  1. Navigate to the following directory on your PC - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\573090
    Note: Depending on where you have installed Steam or where the game is installed, this path may be different for you - the above path is the default example if no paths have been changed.

  2. Once you're in this folder you will see all of the Steam workshop mods that you are subscribed to for Stormworks, the exact number will be different for everyone. In this example we are just interested in one folder in particular which will contain the data for our custom playlist.

  3. In this example I'm going to be using STATUSring. We need to know the Steam Workshop ID of the mod, this can be found in the URL of the page. For example:
    Once you know the mod ID you can then find it in your installed mods, copy paste that folder to your desktop as we're going to need this shortly.

  4. Before we upload the files to the server, it's best to rename the 'playlist' folder inside of the folder we just copied to something more understandable. I'm going to name mine 'STATUSring' as that's the name of the playlist in this example.

    Once you're ready we can then upload the renamed folder to the server using an FTP program, we recommend FileZilla. Accessing your files

  5. Once you're connected via FTP, navigate to the following directory on the server: \rom\data\missions\
    This is where you need to upload the renamed playlist folder to, once that's all done we can proceed to the next step.

2 - Server Configuration

  1. Now that the files are on the server, we can proceed with the required config edits. In your game panel click the 'Configuration Files' button and then click the 'Text Editor' button for your server_config.xml.

  2. In order for the server to recognize the playlist files a new line of XML is required. Below is a template that you can use..

    <path value="rom/data/missions/YourFolderName"/>

    Just replace 'YourFolderName' with the name of the mod folder that you uploaded. This piece of code needs to go above the </playlist> line.

  3. That's it! Save your changes and give your server a reboot, those files should then be loaded up.

    Additional Notes:
    - Depending on the mission you've chosen you may still need to trigger it manually in game, this can be done by pressing 'N' in game and going into the mission selector.
    - Missions have a preset spawn location, if you cannot see the objects for your chosen mission ensure that you're in the correct location - this is usually described on the Steam workshop page of the mod. Using STATUSring as an example again, this spawns at O'Neill Airbase.

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