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Guild Commands

These commands must be run through the client console (ctrl ~).

/guild create <name> <tag> <charter> - create a guild

/guild invite <player_name> - invite a player to your guild (use player ID instead of name if player is not online)

/guild leave - leave your guild

/guild kick <player_name> - kick player out of your guild

/guild destroy - remove your guild

/guild role <player_name> <1-7> - provide player with guild role from 1 - leader to 7 - recruit

/guild standing <guild_name> <1-5> - change stading towards other guild, from 1 - war to 5 - ally, 3 - neutral

/claimrule {town, realm, yo} {char, guild, role, standing} {player_name, guild_name, <1-7>, <1-5>} {00000-11111} - set custom claim right

{town, realm, yo} - is a type of claim (mmo guild lands have 2 different lands - town and realm, YO guilds implementation will get only 1 land called yo)

{char, guild, role, standing} - is a claim subject, an entity which will receive custom right

{player_name, guild_name, <1-7>, <1-5>} - is a claim subject specification, for player subject it is player name, for guild subject it is guild name, for role it is a number from 1 to 7 and for standing it is a number from 1 to 5

{00000-11111} - claim rights, the order is: Enter, Build, Claim, Use, Destroy.

0 means restrict access, 1 means grant access


/claimrule town char Vasily 00010 - allow “Use” right for player Vasily on town land of your guild(MMO only)

/claimrule yo role 7 11111 - grant recruits all claim rights on your guild land(on YO only).


Server Commands

These commands must be run through the server console and not the client console.


createGuild(U32 producerCharId, String guildName, String guildTag, String guildCharter);

destroyGuild(U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId);

invitePlayerToGuild(U32 producerCharId, U32 targetCharId, U32 guildId);

acceptGuildInvite(U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId);

declineGuildInvite(U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId);

cancelInvitationToGuild(U32 producerCharId, U32 targetCharId, U32 guildId);

leaveGuild(U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId);

kickPlayerFromGuild(U32 producerCharId, U32 targetCharId, U32 guildId);

charGuildRoleChange(U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId, U32 targetCharId, S32 role);

guildStandingsChange(U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId, U32 targetGuildId, S32 standing);

// claim ID has to be found in DB Table: Claims

setClaimCharRule(U32 claimId, U32 producerCharId, U32 targetCharId, String ruleStr);

setClaimGuildRule(U32 claimId, U32 producerCharId, U32 guildId, String ruleStr);

setClaimRoleRule(U32 claimId, U32 producerCharId, S32 role, String ruleStr);

setClaimStandingRule(U32 claimId, U32 producerCharId, S32 standing, String ruleStr);


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