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This guide will walk you through installing the Alpha 20 build to your service.

Please note, Alpha 20 is not compatible with worlds from previous versions. As a result, this guide will walk you through reinstalling your service to ensure nothing is left behind from the previous version.

Please make sure you back up anything important to your own PC before following this guide.

  1. Stop your service.
  2. Go to the "Actions" tab of the game panel and click Reinstall.
  3. Click Reinstall in the top left.
  4. Once the process is finished, go to the Configuration Files page and click "Configuration Editor" next to the file named "PingPerfect.xml"
  5. At the very top, ensure that Alpha 19.5 is ticked. If that's ticked, the option for Alpha 20 will appear. Tick that as well.
  6. Press "Save" in the top left.
  7. You may now start your service.

If you have any issues following this guide, please open a support ticket from your client area. 

Please note, Alpha 20 is a newly released build of an early access game. Some bugs are to be expected. Reports for game issues should be reported to the developers so that they may investigate and fix them. 

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