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Updated for Patch 18 Hotfix #1

If you aren’t too happy with the damage dealt by players, team damage dealt in Mordhau or the flinch when hit setting being disabled, you can change those options, to suit your personal preferences.

1)      In your game panel, go into the ‘configuration files’ section.

2)      Press ‘Text Editor’ next to the ‘Game.ini’ config file.

3)      Configuring the options…

In this file you should see the following line [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode]. Under this line is where we will place the configuration that follows.


PlayerRespawnTime=10.000000         **Not applicable**

BallistaRespawnTime=20.000000        **Not applicable**

CatapultRespawnTime=20.000000      **Not applicable**

HorseRespawnTime=20.000000          **Not applicable**

DamageFactor=1.000000                    **Changing this value modifies damage dealt from player to enemy**

TeamDamageFactor=0.500000           **Changing this value modifies damage taken from players of your own team**

bIsHitStopOnTeamHitsDisabled=false    **Changing this value to true will disable flinching when hit by teammates**


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