How To: Install DayZ-Sa-Tomato (Admin Menu)

UPDATED on 27th January 2019.

Server Side Setup / Configuration - Part 1

1. In your game panel, go into the Mod Manager and press install next to the latet version of DayZ-Sa-Tomato (see the comment of the mod). This will move over all of the required files to your server.

2. After that's complete. Head over to the commandline manager and select the preset commandline called 'DayZ-Sa-Tomato'. In the mod section you will want to add DayZ-Sa-Tomato.

Client Side Setup / Configuration

1. Go to this link and press 'Clone or download', download the files as a zip -

2. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip to and unzip it. All files/folders can be deleted besides the folder named DayZ-Sa-Tomato, you are going to need this.

3. Once that's been done, head over to where you've installed DayZ, you can find this easily by going into Steam > right clicking DayZ > Properties > Local Files > Browse local files.

4. Now you can move the DayZ-Sa-Tomato folder you setup earlier into your DayZ folder.

5. Create a folder named keys in the main directory of the game. Move the .bikey file from the DayZ-Sa-Tomato/Keys into this newly created folder.

6. Go into Steam and press play on DayZ, when prompted with 'Play DayZ' or 'Run DayZ Launcher', select the launcher.

7. In the launcher go under the mods section and press Local Mod at the top of the window. 

8. Navigate to your DayZ directory where we moved the mod folder in step 4 and select the folder.

9. You should now see the mod in the available mods section, tick the box to the left of the label to enable the mod.

10. Boot up your game and connect to your server.

Server Side Setup / Configuration - Part 2

1. After having connected for the first time, stop your server.

2. Go to the following path in your file manager.. \profiles\Tomato_Profiles\Config\Players\

3. In here you will see a list of Steam 64 IDs, you'll need to find your ID in the list. You can use this tool to find the correct ID -

4. After finding the correct file, press the small pencil to edit the file.

5. Change the line that says "Admin = 0" to "Admin = 1".

6. Save the file and start your server, you can then connect.

7. Once in game, press M. If everything has worked you should have access to the admin menu.

Please Note

Mods are very experimental within DayZ and can break at any point, this may not work after the game has been updated. Please refer to the mods GitHub page for the latest version.

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