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There are currently two methods in which the starting map and mission can be selected; via the commandline, or via the config file.

Method 1 (Via Commandline)

  1. The first thing you'll want to do is go into the command line manager, and select the "Change Map and Mission Commandline"
  2. You should see a field labelled map, click it and select your desired map from the dropdown menu
  3. Then click the field labelled mission, and select your desired mission.
    Be aware that Available missions vary from map to map, but by default may include:

    • Deathmatch
    • IntelRetrieval
    • TeamElimination
    • TerroristHunt
    • Uplink

    To manually see which missions are available for what map, look in the following directory:
  4. Save the commandline and press "Apply"

Method 2 (Via Config file)

  1. Go to your game panel, click "Configuration Files"
  2. Click "Configuration Editor" next to "MapList.ini"
  3. Select either PvE or PvP maps in the dropdown box.
  4. Click "Save" in the top left.
  5. If you want to customise map options, navigate back to "Configuration Files" and click "Text-Editor" next to "MapList.ini"
  6. Identify this part roundtime=10?timeofday=0800?timelimit=60?readycountdowntime=60?spectatefreecam=0?spectateenemies=0?spectateforcefirstperson=1?useteamrestrictions=1
    Change the values after the = symbol to your desired values.
  7. Press "Save" in the top left.

If you are struggling with getting this setup on your server, please contact us with a support ticket and we will happily help you get it setup!

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