Hide and Hold Out | Admin Commands

Press F9 to open the console
Type admin thepasswordyousetintheconfig

timeofday set [number] (replace [number with what time you want, 450 is 7.30am)
give [playername / ID] [id of item] [number of that item]
kick [player ID or nickname]
ban [player ID or nickname]
player admin set [player ID or nickname]
player admin remove [player ID or nickname]
give [player ID or nickname] [item ID] [count]
give all [item ID] [count]
give [player ID or nickname] kit builder
give [player ID or nickname] kit equipment
give [player ID or nickname] kit weapon
give [player ID or nickname] kit resource
give all kit builder
give all kit equipment
give all kit weapon
give all kit resource
vehicle [vehicle ID] [player ID or nickname]
destroy vehicles
tptoplayer [player ID or nickname]
mode 0
mode 1
mode 2
mode 3

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