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This guide covers how to setup the new "Scheduled Wipe" feature on your V Rising server.

  1. Stop your server.

  2. Click "Configuration Files"

  3. Click "Text-Editor" next to "ServerHostSettings.json"

  4. Find the line "DisableDebugEvents": false,

    Beneath that line, add the following:
    "ResetDaysInterval": 21,
    "DayOfReset": "Any",

    Change the value for ResetDaysInterval to your desired (it's the number of real-life days before a wipe takes place)

    Change the value for DayOfReset to your desired (It's the day of the week that the wipe will take place, possible values are below)

    Possible Values:


  5. Save the file in the top left.

    WARNING: If you enable Scheduled Wipes and the server has already been online for the same time period or longer than the wipe interval, it will wipe immediately.

    : You must now only use Text-Editor for the ServerHostSettings.json file or the changes made following this guide will be overwritten.

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