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In-game VoIP provides you the ability to communicate with your clan or yell at enemies (which is always great fun!). This guide covers the setup process for VoIP.

Sign Up for Unity Vivox

It is essential to create an account with Unity’s product Vivox.

Go to the Vivox website and begin the process of creating an account. After you have finished signing up, your account must be accepted before you will be able to use Vivox for your server. This can take multiple days.

We advise you read through Unity's Privacy Policy and Service Agreement as well.

Once your account has been accepted, you’ll be able to access all the site’s feature and create an application that allows VoIP to be used on your V Rising server.

Create Your Vivox Application

Login to your Vivox account. After going through the tutorial go to the App Dashboard. At the bottom of this page you should see an option to create a new application.

On the first page give your application any name and genre. Game images are not necessary. On the second page select Vivox Core for your attribute and Windows for your platform, and then click to Create App.

IMPORTANT, Open your applications page on your Vivox Dashboard and find the Vivox API Info section.

All of the information in this section will need be filled in to the ServerVoipSettings.json file.

Click "Configuration Files"

Click "Text-Editor" next to ServerVoipSettings.json

Populate the configuration values in the file using the information from the "Vivox API Info web page" referring to the table below if unsure what goes where.

Config Line Vivox API Info Location
VOIPIssuer Issuer
VOIPSecret Secret Key
VOIPAppUserId Admin User ID
VOIPAppUserPwd Admin Password
VOIPVivoxDomain Domain
VOIPAPIEndpoint API End Point


Once that's been done simply save the file and startup your server. Remember to enable voice chat in the Options -> Sound menu in-game.

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