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Console Command Uses
Allows players to add time in 12-hour intervals (servers cannot go back in time)
Adminauth Grants admin privileges
Admindeauth Revokes admin privileges
Alias (Alias, Command) Removes target alias
Bancharacter (character name) Bans user via in-game name
Banned Lists all banned accounts
Banuser (Steam ID) Bans user via Steam ID
Bind (Key Combination, Command) Binds abilities to different keys
changedurability Changes item durability (cannot be used to repair broken items that aren’t equipped)
Modifies the health of the target unit/object closest to the admin’s cursor, allowing admins to deal damage or heal targets.
Clanaccept Accepts Clan invite
Clandecline Declines Clan invite
Clear Clears all console text
ClearTempBindings Removes all temporary keybinds
claninvite (Unnamed Argument) Invites player to Clan
clanleave Allows you to leave a Clan
Connect (address or steamid, port, password) Connects to a specific server
Disconnect Disconnects from your current server
GatherAllAllies Teleports you and your allies to the cursor location
GatherAllAlliesExceptMe Teleports your allies (except you) to the cursor location
GatherAllNonAllies Teleports all non-allies to the cursor location
GatherAllPlayers Teleports all players to the cursor location
GatherAllPlayersExceptMe Teleports all players (except you) to the cursor location
give (What, Amount) Brings up a list of all of the in-game items. You can then select what item you want, and how many
giveset (What) Brings up a list of all in-game armor sets. You can then select which sets you want
hidecursor (Unnamed Argument) Hides cursor
kick (character name) Removes character from server
Kill Kills your character
List Brings up list of all available console commands
listusers (Include Disconnected) Lists all users on the server
localization (Language) Set language
MultiCommand (Commands) Executes multiple commands at once if separated by a semi-colon (;)
PlayerTeleport Teleports player to the cursor location
Reconnect Reconnects to server
setadminlevel (user, level) Change a user’s admin level
TeleportPlayerToMe (User) Teleports a player to your location
TeleportPlayerToMousePosition (User) Teleports a player to your mouse location
TeleportToChunk (Unnamed Argument)  Teleports a player to chunk co-ordinate
TeleportToChunkWaypoint (Unnamed Argument) Teleports a player to a specific waypoint
TeleportToNether Teleports a player to the Nether
TeleportToPlayer (User) Teleport to another player
Unbind Delete target keybinding
unban (User Index) Unbans a player (you’ll need to run the ‘Banned’ command first to bring up the list)

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