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  1. Stop your server.
  2. Click "Configuration Files" then click "Text-Editor" next to Commands.ini
  3. Add some player roles. For each player role you must create a section with the title [Role:RoleName] where RoleName is the name of the role you want to create.
  4. Add some command permissions to your player role so that someone with this role can execute those commands. In order to add a permission, you must add a line underneath your role: +Permission=PermissionName, where PermissionName is the name of the command permission to allow. You can find a list of commands here.
  5. Add a custom color to your new role. Adding a color is similar to adding a command permission: ChatColor={R=255,G=255,B=255,A=255} where the R,G,B values range from 0 - 255 and combine to make up the color. Changing the A value will do nothing as it controls transparency and is locked to 255. The default color if left undefined is white.
  6. Assign your new role to a player. You can do this by creating a new section [PlayerRoles], and underneath, you can enter the Alderon Games ID (AGID) of the player, followed by =, followed by the role name. Alternatively, as a server admin, you can use the command /promote (playername) (rolename) and /demote (playername) in-game to assign or unassign player roles.
  7. There is additional customization you can add to your player role. To use them, add any of following lines under your player role section and set their value:
    OverrideAdminChatColor=True/False - Set to True to allow the specific player role chat color to override the default whitelisted admin chat color. Default value = False
    AllowSpectatorAccess=True/False - Set to True to allow the specific player role to access the "Spectator" mode and the admin panel. Default value = False
    ReservedSlot=True/False - Set to True to allow the specific player role to have a reserved slot in the server. Default value = False
    CreatorModeAccess=True/False - Set to True to allow creator mode access for a player. Default value = False
  8. Save the file in the top left, and startup your server.

Example Commands.ini:




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