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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Path of Titans Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text Editor' option next to 'Game.ini'
  3. Refer to the Example Configuration below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

ServerName=My_Server - Specifies the public name of the server. Note: To have a space in your server name, you must use underscores _ as spaces.

MaxPlayers=100 - Sets the max number of players on a server.

ServerPassword=Password123 - Sets a password to enter the server.

bServerPaidUsersOnly=false - Specifies if the server allows free-to-play users to join.

bServerAllowChat=true - Enables or disables text chat for the entire server.

bServerGlobalChat=true - Enables or disables the global chat channel on the server.

bServerFish=true - Enables or disables fish spawning.

bServerWaterQualitySystem=true - Enables or disables the water quality system.

bOverrideWaterRegeneration=false - Enabled or disables overriding water regeneration. If set to false, it will use the default values.

bEnableWaterRegeneration=true - Sets whether water will naturally regenerate over time. If this is disabled, please ensure you have water restoration quests on the map you are hosting, otherwise you will eventually run out of water.

WaterRegenerationRateMultiplierUpdate=180 - The water regeneration rate multiplier update.

WaterRegenerationRate=60 - Amount of time in seconds before water applies a regeneration amount. Setting this value too low makes the server update water more frequently and can cause lag.

WaterRegenerationValue=10 - Amount of water regenerated every cycle. This scales depending on how large the body of water is.

WaterRainRegenerationIncrement=20.0 - Multiplier that increases the amount of water restored when it rains.

bServerWaystoneCooldownRemoval=true - Enables or disables the ability for players to spend marks to insta-cooldown Waystones.

OverrideWaystoneCooldown=-1 - Overrides the cooldown timer for Waystones in seconds. -1 will use the default cooldown timer.

bServerAllowInGameWaystone=true - Enables the ability to accept Waystone invites in-game by sleeping for 30 seconds in a safe area. 

bServerFallDamage=true - Enables or disables fall damage for all users on the server.

ServerDiscord=aY5CzgZk - Specifies the connected community Discord server. This must be only the letters/numbers after the part of the server invite link. Example: should only use aY5CzgZk Be sure to use a permanent invite link, or else it will expire.

bServerAutoRestart=false - Enables automatic server restarts.

RestartLengthInSeconds=10800 - Specifies the time between automatic server restarts in seconds. Players will be warned every 2,1 hours - 30,10,5,1 minutes - 10,5,4,3,2,1 seconds before restart.

ServerDeadBodyTime=0 - Specifies how long a dead body will persist for in seconds. A value of 0 means it will persist forever.

bServerAllowMap=true - Enables or disables the map and minimap for the entire server.

+AllowedCharacters=DinosaurName - Disables all dinosaurs except the listed dinosaurs. More information here.

bServerHomeCaves=true - Enables or disables home caves on your server.

bServerEditAbilitiesInHomeCaves=true - If true, players can only edit abilities in their home caves. If false, players can edit their abilities anywhere so long as they are sleeping. Recommended to be set to true if you also enable home caves on your server.

bServerHatchlingCaves=true - Enables/Disables the tutorial Hatchling Caves. If this is enabled, players will spawn in a tutorial area at 0 growth, and completing quests will bring them to 0.3 growth by the time they exit. If this is disabled, players will spawn in the world at 0.3 growth and completely skip the tutorial.

bServerGrowth=true - Enables/Disables Growth on your server. If disabled, all dinosaurs will spawn as Adults, and all existing characters will be bumped up to Adult.

GlobalPassiveGrowthPerMinute=0 - Adds additional passive growth per second to all dinosaurs. Remember, full growth = 1 so a good value for this might be 0.005, which means a player would take 200 minutes (3.3 hours) to reach adulthood. Growth amount currently applies equally across all dinosaurs. Setting this to 0 disables passive growth.

QuestGrowthMultiplier=1 - Allows you to adjust the rate of growth earned by players when they complete quests. If you want to disable growth from quests, set this value to 0.


IGameMode Options

Inside the Game.ini file, add a header called [/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameMode] and put any of the following settings underneath. Each line must be listed under this header or else they will not work.

ServerStartingTime=1350 - Specifies the time of day the server begins at after a restart. Time is scaled between 0-2400. Example: 100 = 1:00 AM, 1200 = 12:00 PM, and 1800 = 6:00 PM

bServerDynamicTimeOfDay=1 - Specifies if the server uses a fixed or dynamic time of day.

bServerRestrictCarnivoreGrouping=false - Specifies if the server restricts carnivore grouping to the same species. (Revision 13324)

ServerDayLength=240 - Specified the length (in minutes) of a full day cycle.

MaxGroupSize=10 - Sets the maximum number of slots allowed for player groups.

MaxGroupLeaderCommunicationDistance=50000 - Sets the distance (in meters) for players to be able to see their other group members.


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