How To: Use mods with McMyAdmin

1. Log into your game panel and select game services > your minecraft game server
2. Install your chosen mod from the mod manager (if Forge is required for the mods to run then install Forge as the first mod)
2a. If that mod prompts you to install a different version of minecraft go back click on updates and install the requested version, then go back to step 2
3. Log into McMyAdmin (button in game panel) the default credentials are admin & Pingperfect (caps is important)
4. Go to configuration > server settings and change the "server type" to your installed mod (Please note as you have already installed the mod you do not need to hit install next to this box)
5. Start (or restart) the server
6. Watch the console to ensure the server starts correctly

If the mod fails to start its likely incompatible with a previous mod you had or what is in your world, if that is the case follow these steps

1. stop the server in mcmyadmin
2. stop mcmyadmin in our game panel
3. re-install the server from the actions tab of our game panelĀ 
4. after the re-install install the mod from our mod manager then install the relevant update for that mod
5. start mcmyadmin in our game panel
6. set the correct mod in mcmyadmin under server settings
7. start the server in mcmyadmin and see if it starts correctly.
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