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Admin Commands

Post by Ragonz » Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:37 pm

Being Admin is simple, and is quite easy. Most commands are very easy to remember. This guide will help those who aren't sure of the commands or just want to know if they are an admin on a server.

So lets break this down. When being an admin you must sign in first to be able to do admin commands. You will need to oepn console to login, to open console press " ~ " and it should open.

Then type this:
AdminLogin (Password)
Very simple. Now onto the commands most used. Changing maps.

Map Changing
To change maps you will need this command:

AdminChangeMap (Map Name)

There are many maps in the world of Primal Carnage Extinction

List of Maps:

PC-ForestChasm also PC-ForestChasmSnow
PC-UtilityBase also PC-UtilityBaseSnow

Testing Map:

Survival Map:

GTTC Maps:

GTTC-Ruthless also GTTC-RuthlessSnow

If you ever want to restart the map just type:

Kicking & Banning Players

The other common things you may need to use is kicking and banning players, these commands are easy to remember as well.

AdminKick (Player's Number)

But wait how do you know the player's number when no numbers are shown? All you have to do is type in this:


The list will show all the people in the server with their numbers, find the person you are looking for, look at the number next to their name and that's it. All you will need to do is use the command to kick them with the right number and that's all that needs to be done. If you need to ban someone because they just can't take a hint or they are being toxic to the server then you can easily ban them. First get the players number by using the AdminPlayerList command, find their number. Then type this:

AdminKickBan (Player's Number)

Soon after you type that in the player will be kicked and banned from the server.

Spawning Classes and Items

Spawning things is quiet easy. First login as admin then do the "Admin EnableCheats" command. To spawn classes the command is:

Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PC-PlayerPawn

So if you wanted to spawn a NovaRaptor you would type this,

Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCNovaRaptorPlayerPawn

I'll make a list of the classes you can spawn.





It is possible in Primal Carnage Extinction to "possess" a dinosaur or even a human. The code for this is:

Admin Avatar PC-PlayerPawn

So if you wanted to take control over a Hunt Raptor that you just spawned you would just write "Admin Avatar PCHuntRaptorPlayerPawn" and voila you are now the Hunt Raptor you spawned. Keep in mind when using this command it randomly selects which one you choose, so if you spawned seven Hunt Raptors it would choose one at random and go in a cycle. Once you mess around with the codes enough you will understand what I mean. If you happen to "possess" someone's body, don't fret. When you take control of their body they die so they can spawn right away after you've taken control, yet sometimes this can be annoying. It is not yet known if it is possible to spawn classes with different skins, eg: Turn a default Novaraptor skin into a Falcon.
P.S. I do believe it is impossible to posses someone's skin in the new update. So no need to worry about stealing someone's body.

The Hunt Raptor is a unique raptor that is half invisible, it was obviously meant for a game mode. Another cool thing you can do is spawn items. I have not yet tried spawning all the items, I will give a command string for the two that I have used and know work. If you really wanted to find out you could try spawning random items such as nets, bullets, or even a flag, but I'm not sure of how many will work for you.

Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjFlare
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjNet
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjRocket
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjOrnamentImpactGrenade
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjFlaregunShot
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjMolotov
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjImpactGrenade
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjGrenade
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjSpitBlind
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProjSpitacid
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCEgg
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCLargeEgg
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCThrownHealthkit
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCThrownAmmokit
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCHatCosmetic
Admin Summon Primalcarnagegame.PCProHatchet

To get rid of any spare pawns that you don't want lying around just type,
Admin KillPawns
They should disappear right away.

Spawning Weapons
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_StunGun
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_CarriedEgg
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_DoubleBarrelShotgun
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_Shotgun
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_NetGun
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_Flamesaw
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_ SniperRifle
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_ TranqRifle
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_TranqDartGun
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_FlareGun
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_DesertEagle
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_ DualPistols
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCWeapon_AssaultRifle
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_AssaultRifle_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Dartgun_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DesertEagle_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_DualPistols_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Flamesaw_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_FlareGun_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Netgun_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_Shotgun_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_SniperRifle_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_StunGun_Mk2
Admin GiveWeapon PrimalCarnageGame.PCSurvivalWeapon_TranqRifle_Mk2

If you want to have a bit of fun with the projectiles you can set bind them, just use the code:
SetBind (Letter) (Command String)

Eg. SetBind C Suicide
SetBind L AdminLogin (Password)

Adding AI

The command for adding in AI is very straight forward. One simple command.

Admin AddAI (Class) (Number)

Let's say you wanted to spawn 10 NovaRaptors the code would then be this,
Admin AddAI Raptor 10

AI Options

Spitter/Spitters (Cryo)
Predator/Predators/Raptor (Nova)
Tyrant/Tyrants (Acro)

Spawning Vehicles

Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Battlehawk
Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Atv
Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Dirtbike
Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PCVehicle_Jeep

Please tell me if I've missed any codes, or if you have some you would like me to add in.
Final Notes
Few fun commands that only the player can see can be used in this game, such as fogdensity and changing sizes. Note, only you the player will see these size changes. Only admin changesize will show for others.

To change sizes you will need to type this (you do not need to be admin to do these codes):



Changesize (Number)


For the fog all you need to do is type:

FogDensity (Number)

The only way for the change size command to work is to do the same thing but one slight change. This command only works if you are the admin on the server, and yes other people can see your size. It's easy just type:

Admin EnableCheats


Admin ChangeSize (#)

Now everyone will be able to see your size, remember to login as admin before doing these codes. Be sure to not go too large or else you may crash the server, the limit I was told is 1000 so don't go any higher then that. Also don't do this Admin ChangeSize 0.0.3 you will most certainly crash the server for some. You can also change the gravity with this code:

Admin SetGravity (#) (The normal setting for this is -800)

You can also go super fast with this code:

Admin SetSpeed (#)

Other cool commands where you can net yourself and a number of other things.

Admin ApplySpit
Admin BurnMe
Admin TranqMe
Admin NetMe
Admin PoisonMe

Always remember to enable cheats to use any of these codes or they will not work.

There are not many other commands commonly used for admins in Primal Carnage Extinction. I hope you find this helpful. Goodluck Admining ^-^

Site of Reference: ... _%28UDK%29

Big thanks to all those who pitched in or have told me these codes in the past.
Huge thanks to Dr.MPQC with most of the codes. As well as Toa Metru 6.
Frequent Questions & Answers
Can I make AI friendly?

I know AI aggressiveness. I like to make friendly AI, I want 6 novas: Addai Raptor 6 -50 most of them are friendly, but one might attack so just kill that mean one.
(You can go with any number I use -50 but you can go -50000 I think the might run away if you go that high though)
If you want more then normal aggressiveness 10 or above. ~◇ Silverfray

How do I spawn things?

To spawn things make sure you have logged in as admin and typed this code: Admin EnableCheats (or just Enablecheats if you are on your own server).
Then use the command line, Admin Summon PrimalCarnageGame.PC(class name)PlayerPawn.
You may have to move around a bit because you might not be able to spawn the thing you want where you are standing. ~Amnesiaஐ

How do I change the game type?

AdminChangeMap (Map name)?game=PrimalCarnageGame.(Gametype)
PCFreeRoamGame ~Superhero

How do I spawn AI?

It's quite simple, the code for spawning AI is;
Admin AddAI (class) (number)
So for instance you wanted to spawn AI raptors the code would be, Admin AddAI Raptor 10.

Here's the list of class types:
AI Options

Spitter/Spitters (Cryo)
Predator/Predators/Raptor (Nova)
Tyrant/Tyrants (Acro)

Note: If you spawn humans only trappers will appear. ~Amnesiaஐ

How do I posses AI or spawned classes?

You can possess AI by using the command line Admin Avatar PC(class name)PlayerPawn.
This command can be tricky at times and sometimes you will need to respawn the item or yourself for the thing you wish to possess. ~Amnesiaஐ

How do I become visible with the Hunt Raptor?

Easy, use the command Admin ToggleCloak ~Amnesiaஐ

How do I kill pawns?

Use the command Admin KillPawns. If you wish to kill a specific item like PCEgg for example just do Admin Killall PCEgg. ~Amnesiaஐ
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