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CS:GO Competitive Team sponsorship request.

Post by Dienark7 » Sun May 10, 2015 9:55 am

Hello, I am Sven "Dienark7" Cooke and today I come to you with a proposal for a CS:GO competitive team, who would like to take the team name of "Team PingPerfect.com".

Explain what your clan is about:
We are a English/German mix team that have recently decided to stop playing casually and take our game to the next level, we are all at the highest skill status in CS:GO (The Global Elite see image for reference http://puu.sh/hI0xM/66d9a99c56.jpg) and decided to try our luck against teams that play for money on sites such as FaceIT and ESL.
So far we have been doing extremely well on FaceIT with a team record of 11 wins and 2 losses and have won all friendly scrims we have played convincingly, I speak on the behalf of my fellow teammates when I say they truly are talented players and are going toe to toe with teams that have been round far longer than us and winning.

Why you want sponsorship:
We would like sponsorship as it is a great motivation to improve, knowing that the game has stepped up a level and we are no longer playing for our own reputation but that of an established business like PingPerfect would be an honor for my teammates and would truly give some meaning behind all the practice and hard work we have been putting in to improve our skill as a team. We also currently only play on a "mess around name" of Team East Clintwood as we couldn't decide what we wanted to call ourselves, if PingPerfect would allow us to take the name of Team PingPerfect.com we would be over the moon as it would finally settle the lack of team name.

What you would ideally like for sponsorship:
We would like to use "Team PingPerfect.com" as our team name across all platforms, that includes steam group, CEVO, FaceIT & ESL.
Currently we have no server to practice on, but have made do with borrowing servers from friends and such, in an ideal world we would love the following (In order of Preference):
10 Slot CS:GO server,
A referral discount link for potential buyers to click on,
A teamspeak server with 10 slots.

These are all completely negotiable and we would also be willing to so to speak "unlock" these features overtime, if you feel you are happy with our service then maybe more of what I listed can become available.

What you can give in return:
When a CS:GO team becomes sponsored, it is common place for the team members to put their sponsors in their name, so our current names would be as follows:
Dienark7 >> Dienark7 * PingPerfect.com
NishingA >> NishingA * PingPerfect.com
Fm >> Fm * PingPerfect.com and so on and so forth for all the members in our lineup (5 players plus 3 substitutes).
Why is this relevant you may ask? On average we play about 10-15 practice games a day along side deathmatch servers and such that we practice on, so just our practice matches 75 cs:go players would see your website name 5 times over.

On top of this your website and name would be our team name on all sites with links leading them to your frontpage! Once our team climbs these ladders such as FaceIT and Cevo (and we are with quite some speed) our team profile views increase dramatically.

One thing that we should note and we feel would be one of our largest contributions to pingerfect is our presence at ESL cups every Sunday, every Sunday ESL hosts a CS:GO cup for 100 euros but they don't provide the server for the players to play on, so usually both teams are left in this stalemate of "Do you have a server? we don't" With PingPerfect backing us not only could we have a server, but we would be advertising servers to hundreds of players that are constantly having to use free server providers that yield various game-play issues throughout matches. We can also have a server message on the game server you hopefully provide us with a shout-out to PingPerfect, so every team we play against would clearly be able to see we are sponsored by you, and have a server from you.

The rest I have compiled into a list:
* A biography/promotional paragraph in all of our steam user profiles and team user profiles.
* Team name changed to PingPerfect.com
* Website name in all player names
* Shout-outs on Twitter
* Personal recommendations to friends and players on the behalf of PingPerfect
* Using your banner when we stream team practices on Twitch
* Team members avatars changed to PingPerfect Logo
* PingPerfect MOTD on our CS:GO server.

Your contact details:

I can be found at the following addresses:

Email: [email protected]
Skype: Dienark7
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dienark7/

It should be noted that we realise you currently sponsor a CS:GO squad already, and that the difference between the two teams is that we wish to pickup your name and represent you as a business in the CS:GO competitive scene, i'm not the kind of person that enjoys bragging but I speak in great confidence when I say this team has great potential, not only as a successful team but as a way for you guys to get your name our.
This truly is a talented lineup of players, and we hope that you consider our request.

With great anticipation!
- Sven (aka Dienark7)

It should also be said that I am available to discuss any of these terms via voice comms such as Teamspeak, Skype or mumble. I am not limited to just text communication.


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