Urban Terror Quake 3 "MOD"

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Urban Terror Quake 3 "MOD"

Post by asian_assassin » Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:08 am

Easy to setup the server for Urban Terror. Though they set me up with a new version (not even the newest version) it worked well. I asked to be downgraded to a version that most people I know play and they did within a day or two. Great service there.
I also asked various questions about the service/company and was provided with good answers.

It took a little time for my server to be listed in the game's server list but now it works. Just remember, for anyone in the future looking to make a URT 4.1 server, ask them to whitelist the master.quake3arena.com IP so that your server will show up in the master list. Otherwise, you'll have to type in the IP each time you or other's will want to connect.

So far, the service has been good and I'd recommend this server over gameservers.com or fragnet because 1. it is cheaper, and 2. it has great service.



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