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Good service

Post by JasonR » Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:07 am

Everything's pretty good though there are some areas for improvement:

1: Some pages/windows aren't so intuitive to navigate with some a bit ambiguous as to what info you should enter in to what box... might be leading to frustration and loss of custom...

2: Lack of a wiki/complete-idiot's-guide or uber basic walk through video guides... some people are noobs

3. Have applied for web hosting but it's taken a while to setup... setup might still be pending... Could setup be automated?

4. Not sure if I can create subdomain's on your hosting packages for creating simple addresses to mumble/TS

Besides the above I think the experience has been very good. I'm a noob to running a game server and my only other experience has been with Multiplay which I've now canceled for some very good reasons...

p.s. I'm unemployed and able to work for peanuts or their cash equivalent

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