Good Service, Bad Billing System

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Good Service, Bad Billing System

Post by Klinkle » Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:57 pm

Let me start by saying that PingPerfect servers are very good for the price. It always ran smoothly, and I had no problems, until I decided to cancel my subscription that is.

When you cancel your subscription you're supposed to cancel is at least 10 days before the next billing cycle in order to not get billed, which I did. I was then sent an email confirmation of cancellation request in which it simply states "Please ensure that you cancel any subscriptions you may have set up to us as we cannot cancel them for you." One would think that you would just go into your account, click the cancel button and be done with it, as in pretty much every other online service. This is not the case. I was charged for another month on the next billing cycle, and when I went into my account the server that they had just taken the money for said it was terminated. So they have no problem just taking your money and taking down your server. Of course I opened a ticket about this issue, where I was pretty much told that it was my fault, because you're supposed to cancel through Paypal and not their website. The ONLY place you can find this is in their terms and conditions, not the email telling you to cancel, it doesn't tell you when you sign up, nowhere does it tell you other than the terms and conditions.

According to the ticket response, they are going to give me a full refund minus the fees that Paypal charges, but why should I pay the fees because a poorly worded email told me to cancel it, without specifying where to do so? I understand that in the T&C it says "You are responsible for making cancellations to your subscription payments (Paypal)"(This is the ONLY thing I could find where it says to cancel through Paypal), but burying that in your terms and conditions is not very good business practice.

TL;DR PingPerfect has phenomenal servers, but don't be surprised if you get charged after you've (supposedly) already cancelled your subscription.

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Re: Good Service, Bad Billing System

Post by Ragonz » Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:19 pm

To make this slightly clearer

Pingperfect CANNOT take money from accounts. You pay us or you do not end of story. If you fail to cancel your paypal subscription to us paypal will take the money as instructed by you and pass it to us.
Our invoices are just that invoices, they do not have the power to take money from people's accounts.

We will provide refunds if this happens however we will keep back a very small percentage of the payment to cover the money we are charged by paypal for the refund, something around £0.20

On this occasion A full refund will be granted as I suppose the wording of the cancellation email could be interpreted in a way other than in paypal.
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