Server re-install failed

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Server re-install failed

Post by Jungels » Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:10 am

When trying to re-install the server files from the action tab on the control panel it will delete all of the files currently on the server, (normal), then it will continue on to re-install the server. Upon coming to any .dll file, namely the sandbox.common.dll file, the re-install process says that the file access is denied and quits re-installing the server. This however leaves the server nonoperational and unable to run because all files have been deleted.

How do I fix this problem? There is a support ticket currently in but I figured I'd start a thread for those of you who also run into this problem.

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Re: Server re-install failed

Post by Ragonz » Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:20 pm

Unfortunately you cant fix this problem. If you run into it you must raise a support ticket. Basically what happens is when the game breaks itself it leaves a window open saying do you want to report this to the devs then when you try to re-install it fails because those files are in use showing the window previously mentioned.

We have an ongoing conversation with the devs to get a switch added into the game to remove that window but for now, a ticket is the only way
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