A+ Top class service providers!

All clients are welcome to post your comments about our service here. We do our very best to provide the best game servers, support and prices so feedback is always welcome.
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A+ Top class service providers!

Post by dumpstar85 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:13 pm

Big thanks to all the team at PingPerfect for providing this impressive service and solving all my problems!

After selecting the server specifications I required, I made a payment through PayPal which made the whole process really quick and easy.

Within a few seconds I had received the email confirming the order, control panel login, server IP and password. The web based control panel allows you to easily
stop, start and modify the server in addition to which, FTP connectivity is provided to transfer files with the server which allows for much greater flexibility and ease.

The server performs faultless. Iv ranked up hours without getting disconnect issues as have my friends.

The Technical Support however, is an entirely different service. I've caused glitches several times through improper administration, uploading files where they shouldn't and not adding correct terms to my commands.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SKYPE for contacting these guys. I was sipping a beer at like 11.30pm whilst a guy chatted to me pleasantly on skype as he went through my mess ups and ironed stuff out. This alone makes the service much more cost effective, its like 1-1 direct support without the delay.

All in all, I rented the server for a month to see what sort of functionality Ping Perfect provide for such a low price. Having experienced what I have so far in 3 days of ownership, I can't recommend these guys enough. Top class service.


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