Pakistani Players

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Pakistani Players

Post by Ragonz » Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:22 pm

Given the pattern of connection issues to SA:MP and Samp servers from Pakistan, it is highly likely that any sudden issues connecting to servers is caused by IP, port, or traffic blocking by ISPs or the Pakistani government, and not a coordinated effort by numerous server and host owners.

Due to the situation at hand, here's what can be done:

Developers and server owners are unable to help you. We cannot program circumvent these blockades as connections are being blocked to entire IP ranges.
Pakistani players can email the PTA asking for further information and assistance. You can also play with a VPN, but please ask server admins before using VPNs, as they may also be seen as a method of ban evading, and may result in you being banned by server administrators themselves.
Players outside of Pakistan should not experience any issues and should be able to play as usual.
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