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Clan Sponsorship

Post by Ragonz » Sat May 18, 2013 11:54 pm

Pingperfect offer a sponsorship program, simply post a reply below and we can see if you meet our sponsorship requirements

We can offer a wide range of sponsorship from game servers to website design based on what you can offer us in return.

If you are a clan looking for sponsorship we can usually work out a deal with you. You just need to meet the requirements below

10 or more active clan members
An active website
Provide the below information
  • explain what your clan is about
  • why you want sponsorship
  • what you would ideally like for sponsorship
  • what you can give in return
  • your contact details

Alternatively, why not try out for the Pingperfect Clan, this is our own clan that plays matches under our name, we provide the servers/voice comms etc that the clan needs.

Sponsorship packages

Small discount on products/services

Discount on Products/services

Gold - Please be aware that we do no hand out this level of sponsorship lightly, we require statistics of visitors to your site, Facebook insights and as much info as you can give us. Without the previously mentioned statistics we will not entertain your request
Major Discount on Products/services
Free server of your choice
Free Voice Server

Platinum - Please be aware that we do no hand out this level of sponsorship lightly, we require statistics of visitors to your site, Facebook insights and as much info as you can give us. Without the previously mentioned statistics we will not entertain your request
A number of free Products/services

Grab a game server from us by clicking the picture below
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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Jtom2k » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:40 am

Hello, my name is Jackson and I am the service manager of NitroCorn.

We're a growing Steam Community built to give gamers an opportunity to connect with other gamers, and meet new friends. Now, we wish to expand on what we can give, by producing our own game servers. There is one problem unfortunately, we do not do donations and both the owner and myself cannot handle paying for a server, thus making us having to rely on trustworthy services to help us; through a sponsorship.

We meet the requirements necessary to be eligible for a sponsorship program.

NitroCorn is about bringing gamers together, and allowing for fun experiences that reward our members. We provide giveaways, raffles and other events where we can. The owners don't accept donations of money, and anything we provide is out of our own pockets.

We want a sponsorship so that we can live out our dream; of making a lively community that is fun. We believe getting services from trusted service providers is essential towards bringing users together and having fun!

We would greatly appreciate a free server, or more if we're lucky. We honestly take anything we can get a hold off, as it helps us help our community.

In return we can give the following:
  • Advertisement within our services; like our Steam group, Servers etc.
  • Free referencing to our friends and an official post made on the Steam group.
My contact details are as follows:

Skype: Jtom2k12
Email: [email protected]
Steam Profile:
NitroCorn Steam Group:

Merasmus' Minions
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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Merasmus' Minions » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:33 am

Hi Ping Perfect,

My name is Dan Lenois,

I am the owner and lead administrator for a small chain of clan servers for my clan, “Merasmus’ Minions”. On Team Fortress 2, we are most well-known for the creation of the custom Team Fortress 2 gamemode, “Random Fortress 2”. We are also known for providing players with a lot of fun, powerful chat commands that are usually otherwise reserved for donators-only on other servers. We believe that for players, you should only donate if you want to support our servers, not just to get a bunch of overpowered donator perks.

I have rented our servers from another server host up until this point, and while overall it was a fairly good experience, it was also very costly to maintain. Due to recent troubles funding the servers from my end over the past month or so, I am looking for a host for one of my servers.

I would like to request a small, 12-person server, with 12 mumble slots, fast redirect, and high priority CPU, with its server location set as the New York City option.

In exchange for your generosity, I would like to offer in return the following:
*Free in-game-chat advertising, displaying our server’s affiliation with Ping Perfect. (Assuming the game server comes with FTP access so I would be able to set up the in-game-chat advertising.)
*Free promotion from the announcement post I will send out to our group members upon the launch of our Ping Perfect-hosted server, including a link back to your website, or other affiliate link you may choose to provide.
*A link to your site in our Steam group page’s discussions page, for people to find.

Our group may be fairly small, but it has proven to be a loyal one. Every month, thousands of connections are made from players connecting to our servers, and we have several active donators helping to keep our servers open every month.

I look forward to hopefully doing business with your company soon.


-Dan Lenois.

email info: [email protected]
Steam page:

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by DEADPOOL_ZA » Mon May 11, 2015 1:19 pm

Hi Guys

Explain what your clan is about:
My name is Pierre (DEADPOOL_ZA) de Jager and i am fro G3NOCIDE GAMING ZA
We where the old nAv clan in south africa but got sacked by our leaders ( They didnt look out for us or support us only supported them self)
We played the league and did very good!
We started our own clan now and would love some back up.
We started our website 5days ago and have 90 hits and counting!
We also have a facebook page that is also starting to gro.
We play battlefield 4 and is very active and good here in the SA divsions
We are also busy with ARMA 3 and big things are coming if we get help.
We are really a bunch of good guys playing the game hard.

Why you want sponsorship:

1)Well hope u guys can help with a bf4 training server and a arma 3 server.
For the bf4 server we just want a training server for us to train on and to host DGL games if we play i think its 16 player server.
2)For arma 3 we would love to grow in South africa there is alot of potential here and need a 50 player server to mod in king of the hill mods that is fulling servers up here and with your name on server everyone will know, the 1 SA server is 90% off time full and is a 60 player server.
3)We would also like to host a epoch server wich is also very popular here.
4)we also have a steam community under
5)We hope u guys can help us and help us grow

What you would ideally like for sponsorship:

1)A bf4 server 16 player
2)a arma 3 server 50 player

What can we give in return:

1)Alot off exposure in south africa that is booming with internet growth.
2)We have a big bf4 and arma community bf4(2000+ memebers)
3)Also the arma3 community is also growing strong (500+ memebers)
4)We also goint to start a youtube channel for our games and also in game casting
5)Also we will let u put yor info on our website and facebook also banners and links

Contact details:

Battlelog: ... 431976561/

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by chuck7even » Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:04 pm

Hi All,

Explain what your clan is about:

My name is Matt and I'm a clan leader in =RR=. We are Rommel's Renegades, a European multi gaming clan. Our members are mostly based in the UK but we do span various European countries. We have been a clan since 2005 when we started playing Day of Defeat source in the Enemy Down league. Over the past 2 years we have mainly became social players but with a re-launch this year we're aiming to bring the competitive gaming aspect back to our group. Our members are all over 18 but we have run a junior group in past as a lot of our members have young children who enjoy gaming. We are a friendly group who won several Best Community awards back in our ED league days. Those core members still exist which is why people still associate our name with fair play and good fun. We launched a new website this year and now we are starting our rebuilding program. Our main games are BF4 and Battlefront (on launch) but our members play various games and can always be found in our TS channel.

Why you want sponsorship:

We feel, barring servers, our infrastructure is in place to build something great. What we need now is support and the right tools to take us to the next level. A partnership which would be beneficial to us now and hopefully PingPerfect going forward.

What you would ideally like for sponsorship:

Our group is self-fund partly via member donations but mainly by the CLs. We understand that sponsorship needs to start small and hopefully grows over time once we have proved we are worthy of the support and have something to offer in return. So at this stage we make no outrageous demands but instead look for just an agreement that we can work together.

What can we give in return:

We can advertise you on our website, twitter feed and Facebook group and then on our servers once they go live. We have Twitch TV and once we have the necessary members to use it in the right way can advertise you there as well.

Contact details:

Battlelog: ... 376102248/

Thanks in advance for reading this post.
Kind Regards,

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Sokodzove » Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:13 pm

Hello Ping Perfect,

Explain what your clan is about:
My name is Mark, and i am owner of GamingSerbia youtube channel, we are recording games on ex-yugoslavian language. Currently we have more than 6200 subscribers and more than 1 100 000 views, we also monthly get 600 new subscribers and 80 000 views.
We also have Steam Group with 700+ members and Facebook page with 550 likes.

Why you want sponsorship:
One of our main goals is to create biggest Balkan Gaming Community, with alot of gaming servers.

What you would ideally like for sponsorship:
We would like Gta San Andreass multiplayer server with at least 50 slots.

What can we give in return:
We can advertise your website on our youtube channel, steam group and facebook page.

Contact details:
Skype: gaming.serbia
Email: [email protected]

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by RyanG » Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:27 am


My name is Zach Mink, I am the current manager for Team Hyperial Gaming. My team is wondering if your company is able to sponsor us for the upcoming Counter-Strike season. We're an up and coming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team showing promising results thus far. Our plans for the future are to play in the ESEA-Open division as well as the CEVO-Amateur division. We believe that hard work, dedication, and teamwork can allow for the greatest achievements. This is why we would like you to become part of our team!

This seasons team has four recurring members from our past seasons roster. Our team has been playing together for eight long months and feel that with our newest member we can take the cup of the Amateur tournaments this season! Even with our optimism we feel that having your support would allow us to take some much needed extra momentum into our future matches.

Ideally for our sponsorship we would like to receive a 128-tick Counter-Strike:GO server for our practice sessions as well as scrims. In return we would love to promote your services in any way we can including inside of our team bios and community groups, on social mediums such as Twitch and Twitter, as well as on our display names, in other words our names would look like the following:

Et cetera

If there are any questions still lingering please don't hesitate to contact me through my email address:
[email protected]

Awaiting your reply,
Zach Mink
Team Manager, Hyperial Gaming

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Brishak » Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:29 am

Hello there Pingperfect,
my name is Max and i´m currently the Admin for our Clan “Caught A Penguin” that´s still new in the “Game” ;)

Personal :
Like I mentioned, my name is Max and i´m a 24 year old student that likes to spend his time being around with his nerd friends from the new established Clan and being active with my own Youtube Channel that got around 1150+ Subs and over 1 Million views. Also working to get my own Streaming Channel on Twitch running, but student work comes first ^^

Twitch :
Homepage :

Clan :
We´re a german speaking Clan with around 12 Members so far. Regardless of being new, we´re all Gamers since Years and so we got a good knowledge about the things going on. At the moment we´re still recruiting, but we also playing our games like nerds should do xD We´re on training with our Heroes of the Storm Group to get access in the E-Sports League and still playing other games that seems to be fun.

Homepage :

Why asking you about Sponsorship :
We were looking for a “7 Days to Die” Server and found your Team over the Partner link from the Devs of the Game. After reading your section about sponsoring we got interested and well so we are here now and chatting with you guys ;)

What we would like :
At the moment we´re just looking for an small “7 Days to Die” Server.

What we offer in return :
In general, free advertisement ^^

For myself I would integrate you in my Descriptions from Games you´re hosting and also into my Channel Details (inclusive Link to your Website ect.; in Twitch, Homepage, Facebook too).

For the Clan we would integrate you on our Homepage as well and also in our Teamspeak Sponsor Section (I will create this in a few days…. totally forgotten till now O.O psst xD)

Contact Details :
Direct Contact : [email protected]

Regardless of the outcoming Decision, thank you for reading through my bad english “wall of text” ;)
Sincerely Yours
Max aka Brishak

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by D3VICE » Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:00 pm

Dear PingPerfect,

My name is Nic Tappenden, I am the proud owner of ‘D3VICE’, a new and bold eSports team that was founded in late 2015 with the intention of competing in a host of online tournaments, specifically within the Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) arena.

The goal of D3VICE is to challenge the already established teams within professional CSGO tournaments. Our dream will be realised by competing and winning as many competitions as possible, thus generating media interest via our online achievements. Our ultimate goal will be our inclusion within LAN tournaments, which is globally recognised as the pinnacle of eSports.

D3VICE is populated with skilled and determined players with a hunger to compete at the highest level possible, I believe with our drive and your assistance we will be in a privileged position to make this happen.

The team has also recruited the services of a qualified writer who will provide constant updates regarding the progression of the team as well as general interest pieces about the players and life outside of the game.

I come to you with an exciting opportunity to sponsor a group of players that will positively represent your company by participation within the ever growing and ever popular eSports realm. Currently, CSGO is one of the most streamed games on and this month alone over 9,000,000 new accounts were registered.

D3VICE will advertise your company in a host of ways, inclusive of banners on our website, individual players’ streams and steam accounts, in return I would ask for a game server to allow our team to further their skills and practice strategy's. The benefits of a dedicated team server are indescribable.

I am confident you will realise the great potential for success from collaboration with my team, I look forward to discussing this further with you.

With regards,

Nic Tappenden, Owner of D3VICE
[email protected]
Twitter: @D3TaPPerS

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xioN Gaming Sponsorship

Post by zuetlaukids » Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:32 am
Monday, we are getting a domain and website

Small Gaming Community looking to become bigger and advertise ourselves and get our name out there, we are starting to record YouTube videos
I would love to be sponsored so we can get our name out there and get more members
All I really need if possible is a 24 Slot America's Army Proving Grounds server, If that isn't possible then a 24 slot Arma 3 server would work
I am willing to advertise your name on my website and server
Email:[email protected]

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