The best by far

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The best by far

Post by Skyre » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:14 pm

So on the weekend we started a Life Is Feudal server in Australia, had a small initial teething problem, but got past it amazingly quick thanks to the incredible assistance given to us by staff. Since then we've tested, stress tested, tried to break, and done everything we could to the server in the 48hr trial to make sure it could handle us.
The server didn't flinch.

We've had a few tickets submitted over the short period, all due largely to the fact we're on a brand new server (physical) that had just been set up. Not only did the staff get the install finished and got us online quickly, they then tirelessly helped with other related teething problems the entire time.

Hands down the most amazing, respectful, and personable staff we've ever dealt with. Honestly, they've left us speechless, and had us wondering why other hosts can't manage the same.
And the service itself has been just as smooth once we got it running.

Honestly, there are no words to express how amazed we are, and how much we love PP already (so much so we jumped into a paid service before our trial even ended).

Keep up the amazing work guys and gals, you're incredible. And we look forward to a long time with you.

NOTE: Give the staff helping our Noir LiF server a pay rise, seriously, totally awesome.

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