Rocky beginning, now smooth sailing

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Rocky beginning, now smooth sailing

Post by Joelio » Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:20 am

4.25 out of 5 stars
For whatever reason, renting an ark server and playing it immediately was impossible for about the first 3 hours. The whole time I was going back and forth with a Pingperfect support Rep named Scott, who responded to my ticket in about 6 minutes after it was created. Very good response time with the support. Even though I had to try and retry basic troubleshooting tutorials shown in the discussion, dealt with hours of anxiety to get this working, Scott eventually fixed it and made me feel like a valued customer.

On the other hand, the whole process of altering config. files isnt very user friendly. If someone with no coding knowledge wanted to alter game settings, they would have issues. Some specifics, when the server starts, the status says: Processing. If oyu try to alter game files during this startup process, you get an error stating, you cannot complete this proces when this server is processing.
I think it would be less frustrating if the status said: Processing, please wait 5-10 minutes for the server to initialize before altering any settings.
Second, the command line prompt. Luckily Scott helped me, but the fact that you have to enable the option you are changing by clicking the boxes on the left wasnt very clear at first.

To alter game settings, change the value and enable it by clicking the box. All unchecked selections will not be changed

These are just suggestions, if there were more elementary instructions, I would be able to get blazed, set up a server by reading instructions, and have fun without bothering the support staff.

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