Fix: Unable to login to rcon in game (rcon.login)

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Fix: Unable to login to rcon in game (rcon.login)

Post by Ragonz » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:13 pm

This happens when you have not set yourself as an admin. To do so follow the below steps

1. Log into your game panel
2. Navigate to your Rust server > configuration files > Users.cfg
3. Enter the following within the Users.cfg (replace the < > with your details)

ownerid <Your Steam64ID> <Your Name>
eg. ownerid 1234567891012 Pingeprfect

4. save the file
5. reboot the server

Addendum: If you have changed the "Identity" field in the commandline you will need to create the Users.cfg under Server/"Identity"
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