Adding your server to query sites like

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Adding your server to query sites like

Post by Ragonz » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:11 pm

To ensure your service has the correct permissions for these sites to query your TS3 server you must follow the below instructions

1. Connect to your server.
2. Make sure you are a server admin
3. click tools > options > application and tick "Advanced permissions system"
4. click ok then click on permissions > server groups
5. select guest on the left hand side then expand "Virtual Server" in the middle
6. At the bottom of the window make sure the drop down box is set to "Show Names"
7. Expand "Information" under "Virtual Server" and tick the following


8. Expand "Group" then expand "Information"
9. tick the following


10. click close

Your server will now respond to queries from these sites.
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