Server Crash

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Server Crash

Post by LeeSteels » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:45 am

Hello, I've had nothing but problems today with my VDS. My 7 Days to Die server keeps crashing with just 2 people playing on the server, I have 4 cores running and 4Gb of Ram. But the error I'm getting via email from PingPerfect says "A Cpu resource overuseage has been detected on the server The rule is Service.CurrentCpu>=50%. The detected value was 51.7%."

From what I understand this is a rule either set in place by me when I created the server, or a rule that is set by the host which would be PingPerfect. I can't seem to find anything regarding to this rule within my server files anywhere, can anyone confirm or deny that this is a rule set by PingPerfect or know how to raise that threshold? I understand PingPerfect needs to protect their hardware as it's very expensive, but a 50% threshold is way too low (should be CPU usage > 75% over X amount of time). As soon as the server goes over 50% CPU usage it shuts down the server. (Nothing like paying $80/month CAD on 4 cores to be limited to the power of 2 cores eh.)

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Re: Server Crash

Post by Ragonz » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:33 pm

Unless you have specifically purchased a VDS from us you are put onto physical hardware meaning that you are actually using more than 50% of an entire box which you should not be close to doing on a normal service.
I would suggest putting in a support ticket.
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