I could really use some help with modding the server to the needs of my Clan

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I could really use some help with modding the server to the needs of my Clan

Post by wiseman » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:29 am

Our clan just started an Arma 3 server and have been having issues getting to run as needed to suit our needs. I have made a few changes for testing purposes on 2 different occasions this week and and have run into the same wall and I am hoping that someone might be able to help. As an FYI, this first time this error was encountered, a clean install of the files worked in restoring the server to usable but it was back to its defaults.

The changes that I made are as follows:
(Config File)
Changing server name
turning off Battleye Anticheat using Battleye = 0
Adding Password
Change default mission file to the one I wish to test

(Mods Uploaded)
@RHSUSAF, @CBA_A3, @Ace3

Modify command line using the sites command line editor to include mods
Upload mission File

This all resulted in the server not appearing in the server browser and receiving an error when checking the server status within the game panel: [ip address: port number] is not responding to query.
I did attempt to work backward step-by-step, testing along the way to see if I could get the server back to usable but was unsuccessful and have resorted to doing a clean install once more.
I have submitted a support ticket for this but was put on hold, I am assuming, due to the attack on Pingperfect's infrastructure.
If anyone can provide me information on how to proceed or at least get me pointed in the right direction, it would be deeply appreciated.

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