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Post by Bitemeh » Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:48 am

I would like to thank all the people working at PingPerfect for the amazing services and support.

Our clan has been looking for a good reliable host and we have finally found one with the best prices around.

Every ticket i have opened has been answered in minutes, compared to some companies who take up to 24 hours or longer. I can't fault this at all. The staff who reply are always very polite and friendly and help sort any problems immediately. 10/10

Up time so far has been 100%. Our CoD4 server has a great ping and we suffer very little lag if any at all. Couldn't be happier. 10/10

I moved our clan website and a business website to PingPerfect. Transaction was quick and painless. Again 100% up time thus far. 10/10

I was a bit sceptical at first and wasn't sure about PingPerfect, but this was only due to our previous hosts terrible services. After what we had experienced in the past, we thought trying to find something better would be a mission impossible. But unlike most companies, this company really does care about its customers. A company made by gamers for gamers! If ever i am in need of a server, i know where i'm coming!

A big thank you to PingPerfect from all of us at [email protected]!

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