HiddenIslandPVP - 24/7 Player Dedicated Server

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HiddenIslandPVP - 24/7 Player Dedicated Server

Post by Lloydrayx » Fri May 27, 2016 2:31 pm

Hi all, looking for new players/tribes to join my server. In the server this is no "admin tribe". I'm the only admin in the server and will only be using commands for building arenas and community areas. I'm playing/grinding like everyone else so if your looking for a server with no power hungry admins this is the one.
Boosts are mostly x6, xp at the moment is x9, taming is x7.5.
Looking for mature people who won't leave the server just because they got raided once.. When joining the server you get a 2 day grace.

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For more info/rules, please join the group. Hope to see you soon☺.

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