Were to get the plugins

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Were to get the plugins

Post by lisaJane » Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:08 pm

for a list of plugin you can get them here http://oxidemod.org/
what to do with the plugins when you downloaded them to your pc
upload by ftp
if you have ftp to the server you can upload them by ftp you need to put them in the facepunchdev\oxide\plugins\ (make sure you installed the mod Oxide 2 for Rust Experimental before you do this as you will not see the mod Oxide 2 for Rust Experimental
Though pingperfect game panel
if you login to your game panel go to File Manager then server then facepunchdev then oxide (note you must install oxide mod before you do this go to Mod Manger install Oxide 2 for Rust Experimental)
File Manager > \server\facepunchdev\oxide\plugins\

you upload the plugins to the oxide\plugins
remember some plugins have a list of commands you will need to put in when in game v chat to make the plugins work best thing is to upload a plugin then restart your server jump on it and put the command in for that plugin a good plugin I found was this one
LustyMap for Rust and also InfoPanel for Rust try them

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