FTP Connection, Transfer and Encryption

How to Configure FileZilla

Whether you have a single webpage or multiple domains, configuring FileZilla using SiteManager menu
once and for all is an expedient option.

In order to add a site, navigate to:

File > Site Manager > New site

Site Manager

FileZilla – general settings

Server Type: FTP (port 21) or SFTP (Port 47926)
Logon Type: You will be prompted to type the password every time you connect if Ask for password
is used as logon type.

It is possible to sort multiple files by folders (New Folder) and connect to a particular directory on a remote
server (New bookmark). You will be connected to /home directory by default if you do not identify any

If you wish to save the login information, simply choose Normal from the drop-down list. However, it should
be noted that while saving these details might be convenient, it might not be secure. 99 percent of hacked
accounts occur due to stolen passwords by means of Trojans that have been injected into a local computer

‘Transfer Settings’ is another vital tab in SiteManager. Ensure that ‘Transfer mode’ is set to ‘Passive’ and
simultaneous connections are set to 2.

Transfer Settings

FileZilla – transfer settings

If you prefer not to save your login information, simply type host, username and password in the main
window. Afterwards, click ‘Quickconnect’. Also, Ensure that FileZilla is set to ‘Passive’ and simultaneous
connections are set to 2.

Edit > Settings


FileZilla – transfer mode

FileZilla – file transfers

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