B3 Big Brother Bot

Works with the following games
Call of Duty 2
Urban Terror v. 4.1
Enemy Territory (+ ETPro mod)
World of Padman v1.0
World of Padman v1.5 (under development)
Open Arena
Smokin' Guns (v1.0 & v1.1)
Soldier of Fortune 2 (vanilla and with modified ROCmod)
BattleField Bad Company 2
Medal of Honor 2010
BattleField 3
We'll also throw in a free 1GB of Webhosting on request as well as 10 free Mumble voice server slots!

  • Modern Warfare Call of Duty 4
  • World at War Call of Duty 5
  • Modern Warfare 2 (AlterIW engine) Call of Duty 6
  • Black Ops (under development) Call of Duty 7
Black Tomato Mod

Only works with Black Ops, but is regarded as one of the best admin bots out there!

Procon Frostbite

Works with the following games
Battlefield 3
Medal of Honor 2010
Medal of Honor Warfighter

  • Bad Company 2 – Vietnam Battlefield