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    Livingstone Road,
    Hull, England
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Pingperfect Blog

Pingperfect Visits EGX Rezzed 2017!

Its that time of year again when gamers trek into London for EGX Rezzed to play the latest releases and gather up beta keys and other freebies like Easter eggs. This year the event was well and truly stocked with game enthusiasts of all ages; among them was game server provider Pingperfect, sniffing out the next must have games. Whilst many games caught our eye, I have cherry picked four that Pingperfect will be looking to include in there massive library of dedicated game servers very soon.


For fans of Minecraft and games alike, Staxel is definitely the dark horse to watch. In Staxel you are given a farm to tend to and welcomed into village life where you can interact with NPCs or collaborate with friends on a server. This still developing sandbox RPG allows gamers the freedom to create at ease with a build system that Big Builds reportedly claimed is “more intuitive than Minecraft and easier to use”. To complement the beautiful graphics, textures and gameplay Staxel offers is the incredibly immersive ambience music provided by Curtis Schweitzer who also composed for Starbound.

This is a fantastic game to buy a game server for, there is something to please everybody and whilst it is set for final product release later this year, you should definitely find a reason to buy it sooner!

Battalion 1944

Battalion suitably harks back to WW2 with gaming trends seeming to shift from futuristic shooters back to the more traditional gritty, and is set to lead the way for FPS games going forward. Without overpowered abilities and items to unlock in Battalion 1944, players will need to rely on their skill with a rifle alone – and possibly the quality of their surround sound. The gameplay is addictive and refreshing whilst also being slightly nostalgic for some of the more seasoned gamers. Having watched James Lyon(company director) play it at the event, I certainly know what to buy him the next time I want a day off!

The game is still early access with no official date yet however I for one expect the server list to be filled as soon as possible, so make sure to get your own dedicated game server with your best server host Pingperfect!


Dean Hall creator of DayZ revealed Stationeers and we were damned if we missed it! Stationeers is a project Dean has been passionately developing with a team of 6 and dedicating the majority of his time to. The meticulous attention to detail in the game, in which you manage all aspects of your space station from construction to agriculture and even gravity, captures the attention of the gamer and can hold it for hours on end. In the game you will also travel away from your space station on away missions which might be to an asteroid, planet or a derelict craft during which you may encounter hostiles or something might happen to your space station! Trust me, the dishes will not get washed up with this one!

After touching base with Will Overgard and early access only two to three months away, hopefully it won’t be long before I order my quality gaming server and be in serious need of a dishwasher!

Day of infamy

Day of infamy started out as the most popular mod for Insurgency and is now a standalone game of its own right. The game is filled with realistic action and encourages team work using squad based role systems and a local VOIP system in game which the enemy will hear if they get close enough! With workshop support, Day of infamy is sure to see lots of custom content and character skins for your avatar personalisation.

Day of infamy promises to be value for money at a quick £14.99 available on steam now!

Keep an eye out for our online game servers for these great new finds and more on our Pingperfect website and follow our Twitter for the latest top deals on the best game servers around!

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